Angry Birds - Classic Angry Birds Mod (MOD, PowerUps/Unlocked) V 8.0.3.apk 2021

Angry Birds - Classic Angry Birds Mod (MOD, PowerUps/Unlocked) V 8.0.3.apk 2021


On the mobile gaming platform, there are many high-quality games that players can freely choose from whenever they want. In casual games, there is a name that seems to be known as Angry Bird. It is one among the leaders during this game genre then far. The most obvious demonstration is that on Google Play it has reached 100 million downloads only with the classic version. This achievement is impossible for any mobile game. Apart from other versions of this game,  Angry Birds Classic  is the source of everything. Subsequent developments have gone far and have changed genres, but in fact there are still some things related to this brand. In this article, we'll learn what features this game has, and we'll also provide download links to give players a little more utility than what's available on Google files. Played. The story of this game starts from an island whose inhabitants are birds and not humans. And the people here are gentle, live healthy, respect and love each other.

Classic bird throwing game

But things wouldn't be different without the always angry red bird. That's the origin of the name Angry Bird that we will play. He is not allowed to show his anger and is separated from society when he just wants to be himself. But the island has been tricked by the green pigs and all the bird eggs have been robbed and will become their food. Who will be the hero? Red bird? He was right, just like the stories of all other hero stories. But how will he fight? All featured in this classic version.

Even though it's called the classic version, it belongs to the modern game, so the graphics definitely deserve to be a real blockbuster. “Angry Birds Classic” uses full 3D graphics with charming character designs. The birds use bright colors and rich shapes to make special fun. The villain is also designed with an appearance that is no less exciting. This is a factor that all future versions, apart from improvements, still follow as a brand feature cannot be replaced. Also, the graphics issue is the smoothness in the gameplay. Players will feel it right away because this game really works based on very many real physics rules. So developers take care of this aspect as much as possible so that players do not encounter small errors during operation.

Over 680 levels

Surely many already know, this Angry Bird game is based on the mechanism of birds that shoot birds. You will use a giant pole, and the birds will jump on it and be shot at the green pig. Because these birds don't fly but reciprocally have special abilities, all is different.
For example, the yellow bird has a faster flight speed and breaks the bow (will fly straight when you activate the skill), the black bird is a bomb that can explode, the blue bird can be broken into three small pieces, ... Generally, your last task is to crash pigs and kill them. When all the pigss are destroyed, the screen endsBut it's not easy at all because they are protected by buildings and they also have special abilities to increase durability. You have to play the screen repeatedly to find the most effective way to attack the enemy's stronghold to destroy it. You will go through 15 original episodes of Angry Birds which all contain small scenarios, totaling up to 680 levels.

MOD Information

  • Unlocked All
  • Strength increases
  • Remove ads

Download Angry Birds Classic (MOD, PowerUps/Unlocked)

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