Among Us - Mod Among Us V 6.30.apk 2021 versi 2

Among Us - Mod Among Us V 6.30.apk 2021 versi 2


Vital Records :

  • Game doesn't offer Google login method. Unsigned APKs need not be available;
  • If you can't install the game, try uninstalling the original version before installing the mod apk.
MOD V2 :

    • Mod Menu
    • Seven Categories: Player Mod Slider, Player Mod, Sabotage Mod, Animation, Character, Miscellaneous, Host 
    • Player Speed ​​Slider 
    • Player Ghost Speed ​​Slider
    • Light Radius Shifter
    • Use Vent as Crew
    • Always Visible Chat
    • Complete All Tasks
    • No Kill Cooldown (Patched)
    • Door Sabotage Active Over Others
    • Can Do A Lot Of Sabotage
    • Fake Scam
    • Increase the Corpse Report Distance Slider
    • No Emergency Cooldown
    • Unlimited Emergency Meetings 
    • Security Camera Zoom Control (Skeld)
    • Sabotage Lamp
    • Sabotage System
    • Fix Sabotage
    • Sabotage Door
    • Play   Clear Asteroids Task Animation
    • Play   Empty Trash Task Animation
    • Play   Shield Duty Animation
    • Unlock All Hats
    • Unlock All Pets
    • Unlock All Skins
    • Remove ads
    • Premium Unlocked
    • Anti-Ban
    • No Penalty
    • Remove Existing Ban
    • Moving During Meetings / Tasks / Inner Ventilation
    • Become a Ghost
    • Force Disable Ghost Mod/Fake Alive (If you're the host, you'll revive players, report bodies and vote)
    • Out Of The Game Map (After First Encounter)
    • No Shadow/Walk Through
    • Can Get Through Closed Doors
    • Free Chat (Change Chat Type from settings too)
    • Host Menu
    • Set Map
    • Set  Scam Number  Slider 
    • Set  Player Speed  Shift 
    • Set Kill Cooldown   Slider
    • Set Emergency Meeting Slider
    • Flip Skeld Map

    Games that primarily emphasize interaction between players are often opportunities for players to demonstrate communication skills or other factors. There have been many games with this content globally, but  Among Us is  still a hot topic of discussion and a hot trend on the internet lately. Most likely, the sport will appear on many various platforms, where players demonstrate skills to cheat, interact, investigate and become a cheater.

    Game entertainment mainly emphasizes interaction between players to extend fun and excitement. Thus, each member during a session needs perfect detective skills to finish the sport objectives.


Between Us is a simple game with cute and player-friendly graphics to focus on communication between players. The game will introduce a unique setting, where the player is a crew member of astronauts on a mission. However, one of them will be a con man with evil intentions and the rest of the players must find him before it's all over. The content of the game is simple, but players must take advantage of many different factors to reason and require active interaction from other members to take advantage of the information. Apart from objectives, the game will have many maps and other interesting functions to entertain players and make gameplay more exciting.


The game has two different teams, The Crewmate and Impostor, and every team's missions are different, making the sport more and more fun and intense as time goes on. The first and most popular faction is the Crewmates, ordinary astronauts whose goal is to complete all the tasks and finish the game before being reaped by the Cheaters. Each member has a different number of jobs, but some jobs have the same characteristics, and they always cause the player to move around the map and interact with the mini-game. Likewise, Crewmates can complete tasks, and the game will have visual effects so the crew can prove they are not Cheaters.


Unlike the Crewmates, the Imposter features a special role and has the precise opposite purpose, like destroying the map or killing all of the Crewmates before being thrown out of the airlock. Fraudsters can't do the job, so Crewmates can easily get suspicious and be reported immediately without any visual effects around them. On the other hand, Cheaters can move around the map faster thanks to the widely built ventilation system, helping them escape after causing a ruckus. In addition, they can sabotage important parts of the map, and for a limited time, your Fellow Crews must repair them before the entire map is destroyed and defeated.


The game's most notable feature is discussing when a corpse was reported, or someone pressed an emergency button. During this point , everyone must provide information to prove their innocence, identify suspects, and take away Airlock FraudstersVoting rules are important, and people can vote for whoever they want or skip voting. Thus, the person with the foremost votes are going to be knocked off the map within the next roundIt is an important moment for people to communicate with each other, while it is usually impossible to communicate in any form.


Between Us always provides players with interesting content such as maps, gameplay and content, including character costumes. Players can comfortably customize characters in the waiting room before starting the game, and players can change their colors, hats, costumes, and pets. Everything is rich and alive, and even players will have the opportunity to receive special costumes from international festivals.


The diversity of maps between Us is a significant change in gameplay, because each map has different interactions, including tasks and sabotage. However, all maps have one thing in common, a crew identification and tracking system. People can take advantage of these functions, distinguish between friend and foe or find something abnormal. In contrast, cheaters will have a wider range because of the vent design, allowing them to maneuver around and pack up the crew undetected.

Between Us is a game that is entertaining when played with friends and has additional functions enabled, and always provides players with new content on a regular basis. Also, the game will keep updating new functions for players to explore, of which the proximity chat function or extra game mode is the most fun and creative. If you want to show off your detective ability to lie or reason, then this game is where you come from.

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