DroidCam - Wireless Webcam DroidCamX Pro 6.10.apk 2021

DroidCam - Wireless Webcam DroidCamX Pro 6.10.apk 2021


Let's say you want to chat with family and friends via Skype or simply record videos for Facebook and Youtube for example, but your Windows laptop or computer doesn't have a webcam. Or maybe the built-in webcam just died and you're having a discussion session to present your report? Do not worry! The best solution and choice for you right now is  DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro  . 

All you need is an Android smart mobile device and install the right app. This app may be a tool that turns your phone into a handy wireless webcamYour work requires the utilization of an internet cam with a web browser on the web , this application will meet your needsThanks to the possession of useful features, this application has received very high reviews from users.

Turn your Android device into a webcam

It's easy to figure out how to turn your device into a webcam using just one app with DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro, but first you have to make sure it's stable. The truth is none of us want to see videos or images that are constantly vibrating and blurring. To fix it, it could be something simple around you that can be used as a phone kit. As long as you take advantage of every possible way to improve your phone, the video and picture quality will be greatly improved. Thanks to it you can also use the app more effectively.

HD high resolution

What is DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro that draws numerous users?

 Thanks to this application, we can chat with DroidCam Webcam on the computer including audio and video. This app works by establishing a connection between your Android phone and a Windows computer using Wifi or a USB cable. Since this is a pro version that has been upgraded by the publisher, it will have many advantages over the previous version. The app supports high-resolution videos up to 720p in HD mode to help users feel the sharpness of the image. With the “FPS Boost” option enabling higher frame rates, 2x smoother and more extensive customization of Windows Client such as the ability to mirror, play videos and increase or decrease brightness, image contrast, …

Windows Client Easy Setup

Other applications can be used simultaneously while running background tasks. Control the camera easily with various uses like flash, autofocus, zoom and more. Provide clearer images and the camera can be accessed via a browser or from a phone, tablet or from another device. Easily save photo frames to SD card on mobile device or PC via Windows Client. One final advantage is that there are no annoying ads to use, no tracking, and no bloatware.

This app is easy to use but gives me high efficiency. This application works with the PC Client component which installs the webcam driver and connects the pc to your Android phone. Windows or Linux clients are available, just visit on your computer to download. After installing the app, extracting it, and running it, you will see a prompt to enter the IP address for DroidCam.

Easy Control

The address are often easily found, just run DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro on the phone and therefore the image, also because the port number, are going to be displayed.Returning to the desktop client, you will see that it is possible to stream audio from your phone. You can also adjust the video quality, choosing from low, normal, to high. If you do not prefer to connect via Wifi but via USB, all you would like is that the USB cable that came with the phone. When ready to continue, press Start to start the broadcast. The mobile app then sends the image from the phone's camera to the computer. For devices with dual cameras, tap the Settings button on the mobile app and check the appropriate box to switch to the camera you want to use. 

You can now open any application that needs a webcam and configure it to use your Android smartphone, also referred to as DroidCam SourceFor example, in Skype's video settings, you will find a webcam called DroidCam Source 3. All you need to do to use it with Skype is select it. Likewise, to be able to use your phone's webcam on Facebook is to select it when you start the video.

You probably now skills easy it's to show your phone into a webcam with a Windows PCSo what are you expecting without downloading my DroidCamX convenient, right?

                    Download DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro

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